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Top 3 Trendy Cell Phone Spy Apps in 2017

 Are you in quest of a cell phone spy app to track the activities of your significant ones? Well, there are scores of spy apps readily available that claim to be the most effective and reliable. Picking a trustworthy app to spy on the mobile phone of someone else can be a daunting task and in most cases, you end up buying a mobile phone monitoring app that does not even worth your money. To help you get the best from the bulk, we have listed down the top 3 best-selling cell phone spy apps in 2017. These are reliable, feature-rich and provide complete spying solution without breaking your banks.
TheOneSpy App
TheOneSpy is an advanced mobile phone spy app intended for parents, spouse and employers to supervise the mobile phone activities of their children, partner and workforce. It is a cross-platform app compatible with both Android and iOS supported mobile phones and tablets. The app provides a wide range of features to monitor the online and offline activities of someone without taking their phone in possession. You can check out your kids’ messages, listen to their phone calls, track their GPS locations, read their emails and instant messages; see the photos and videos and monitor almost the entire stuff stored on their phone through the online account of the app where it stores the data fetched from the target phone.
The app lets you spy on the popular social media apps. From the dangerous Kik and Tinder to the trendy Snapchat and Facebook, you can monitor multiple social media accounts of your family and workers. The app also grabs the keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored phone. It includes the keystrokes of email addresses, usernames and passwords. More importantly, the spy app tracks the internet use on the monitored device and provides the report showing the date, time and frequency of visiting each website and searching information on internet browsers. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions of the app with package variants.
MMGuardian App
MMGuardian is a mobile phone monitoring app that lets parents monitor and protect their kids from the potential dangers of the online world. You can read your kids’ messages, see their call logs and block calls from unwanted or unknown numbers, track their GPS location and block objectionable and unrequired websites. You can manage the mobile phone use and screen time of your kid blocking games and mobile apps installed on their devices and setting bedtime and school time.
You can also limit the usage of the apps to prevent social and non-educational apps like WhatsApp and Facebook from being used in school hours or late at night. The app enables you to lock and unlock the monitored phone and block the camera and multiplayer games. The app lets you track the internet and apps use of your kids providing the detail of data searched online and time and duration of using mobile apps. You need to install the app on your kids’ device which can be an Android phone or iPhone. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions of the app with auto-renewing.
Norton Family App
Norton is among the highly rated mobile phone monitoring apps intended for parents. The app comes preloaded with a broader range of features that are required to monitor and manage a mobile device. Though it does not allow monitoring every aspect of mobile phone use, its web-filtering, app monitoring and location tracking feature provides a complete monitoring solution. It allows monitoring multiple mobile devices and children.
The web filters prevent your kids from exposing to inappropriate and explicit websites and online content. The app lets you set the time to use the monitored phone but there is no feature to set time limits for mobile apps. There is a trial version of the app that lets you use the app free for 30 days. After that, you can subscribe the app for a specific time period against a nominal amount.
Hope this article would be helpful in picking up a reliable and secure mobile phone spy app to track the mobile use of your loved ones and protect them from the real and online world threats.   

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