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Linux: how to get mac address from ip address

Here is how to get the MAC address of a client in your network if you have the IP address:
#ping "<ip address>" #ip neighbor | grep "<ip address>"

Download Avaya IP Office IP Office 9.0 General Availability - Administration

Download Name: IP Office 9.0 General Availability - Administration Download Type: Software Product Name: IP Office™ Platform , 9.0.x Date Released: Sep 30, 2013Click here to download the file

SIMADO GFX44 Detailed System Configuration Manual

Click here to download this manual in PDF

Overview of SIMADO GFX44 SIMADO GFX44 is a compact gateway that supports quad-band operation allowing it to work with any Mobile network. Besides this, it has various benefits such as CDR for keeping records of calls history, flexibility of remote programming, COM Port for report generation and programming, etc. SIMADO GFX44 finds its application in the corporate offices, factories, call centers, hotels and such other establishments. In an Organization all the incoming calls on the GSM port can be routed to the FXS port to reach the operator or the desired extension of the PBX. Similarly, all the outgoing calls made to the mobile phones can be routed through the GSM port of the gateway, reducing the telecommunication cost of the organization. SIMADO GFX44 has 4 FXS Ports, a Communication Port, 4 Mobile Ports, an Antenna Connector, a Power Socket and 9 LEDs (8 Port LEDs + 1 Power LED). Matrix SIMADO GFX44 System Manual 3

Click here to download this m…