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Linux Certification course study notes: Unit 1: Introduction to Linux

History of Linux: In 1962 Bell wanted to define a new OS. There were 2 Scientists Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. They made use of B language for the project of multix. It had a disadvantage of not having portability. So they made use of C language for UNIXos in 1970. Because it is open source, it got different flavours of Linux.
Kernel: It is the part of Linux interfaces with hardware, mainly works with device drivers. Example for Kernel: vmlinuz
Shell: Shell is the user interface to make requests of make commands. It makes suet the command syntax is correct. Example for shell: Bash shell, C-shell (csh), Basic Shell (sh) Bash shell and C shell are multi user shells.
Bash shell: it has an automatic command completion feature. Also it has a history feature.
Linux Graphical Environment 1) GNOME - Designed in C language 2) KDE - Designed in C++ language, is more user friendly.
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Best Custom Rom for Mi pad 1 : 2018 October

Since i am using Mi Pad for last few years, It didnt receive any stock MIUI update after android 4.4.4 and also it started to lag, became very slow recently, I decided to try a better custom ROm on that.
I have tried different custom rom after researching on xda developers and threads, i got quite a few options to try.
Here are the main custom ROMs i tried on my Mi Pad:

 LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8 Oreo) OS  14.1 (Android 7) ... iami-mipad-t3557616Resurrection Remix OS Android 7 ... 8-2-xiaomi-t3564793MIUI Smoke android 4.4 ... e-rom4-4-4-t3527757Resurrection Remix Android 6 ... 7-4-xiaomi-t3563638Lineage OS Android 6 ... aomi-mipad-t3560537 Naturally, i first tried the LineageOS 15.1 first, and it worked well as sa…