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How to combine two Wifi Connections to get a faster Internet

How to combine two Wifi Connections to get a faster Internet
You have more than one active internet connections and you are using only one at a time, while the other is resting? Don't let it be lazy. Combine them all to get combined internet speed. Say you have two connections of 1 Mbps each, you just can make 1+1=2. This can work regardless of the type of the connections, i.e. it may be wired, wireless or mobile communication.

Method 1 of 4: Combining LANs Steps: 1. Turn everything on your computer, modems (in case of DSL). 2. Connect them on the relative ports. 3. Establish Connections. Dial or do whatever you need to do to establish an Internet connection and test each one by one separately. If all good proceed to the next step. 4. While each one is active and connected, navigate to the "Network Devices" folder of your computer. It usually stays under control panel.
Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, press Windows D to navigate to the desktop, and the rest is the same as win…

10 Signs that your computer has a virus

How to Unblock Your Blocked Friend Requests on Facebook

The following steps will explain how to Unblock Your Blocked Friend Requests on Facebook
Steps to unblock your blocked friend requests:-
1. Firstly go to and you will have to go to the login box but you don't have to login, just click on forgot password 
2. Enter your email id to reset password  3. Then just go to your email and change your password 4. After that login to your Facebook account with the new password 5. Now you can easily send a friend request to any person, your friend request is unblocked .Enjoy the trick

​​How to install Windows Subsystem for Linux

​​This steps explains how to install Windows Subsystem for Linux and enable Kali Linux in your windows machine.
🔹 Update your Windows 10 machine. Open an administrative PowerShell window and type the following comand
Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Onlin
⚠️ Reboot the system 🔹Once rebooted, open a command line shell and run the following commands to install the default Ubuntu environment. This will lay down the foundations for our Kali install
lxrun / install
🔹Setup and install the WSL Switcher, download a Kali base, and extract it to disk
git clone cd WSL-Distribution-Switcher python kalilinux/kal python rootfskalilinuxk lxrun /setdefaultuser root
🔹Now that Kali is set up on your Windows 10 machine, you can interact with it by running the "bash" command:
bash ⚠️ Update is recommended,run the following command
export LANG =C apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade

Do you charge your phone from public ports? Read this!

Juice Jacking is a technique used to steal your data . This picture shows what it is and how to avoid the risk.


Here is a list of all computer hardware ports , can be used as a cheat sheet

Google advanced querying tips cheat sheet

Do you know about advanced querying in google search? Try these and this will be fun ,and a lot useful.