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Lotus Notes Common Errors - part 3

Lotus notes error: File does not exists
Cause :
This error occures when you have enabled auto-append of signature from a text / HTML file but file is not available in defined location.
Solution :
Problem can be resolved by editing the signature configuration from Preferences. Please follow the below steps....
1. Open inbox. Goto Tools > Preferences

2. Choose the correct text / HTML file by Browsing and configure it properly

Lotus Notes Common Errors - Part 2

Lotus Notes Error: You are not able to route through this server

Cause :
The above error occurs when Notes client attempts to access the database on a server it does not have direct access to. So what the Notes client does is 'Pass through' a server it does have access to to reach the server containing the database.
The server configuration document for the server the Notes client is attempting to pass through contains settings for controlling who can pass thru it. You can check these settings by opening the 'Security' tab of the server document and looking at the 'Passthru Use' section.

Solution : Pass Through connections should be used when there is no direct connectivity from notes client to destination server. However you should be allowed to use a server as a pass through when it is configured by administrator.
Best way to connect the server is by creating a direct connection..If any issue is there related to network & firewall, get the same resolved.
But i…

Lotus Notes Common Errors - Part 1

Error, the form and subform Deloptionsubform both have a field edited ReturnRecipt

Cause :
The problem occured due to various reason as mentioned below.
CASE 1:- Mail file templete associated with the mail file is corrupt.
CASE 2:- Corrupt Cache.ndk file.

Solution :
CASE 1:- 1. If the mail file located in server or it is a local replica of mail file, then the mail template design has to be replaced from server by Lotus support.
2. If the mail file located in Local Notes client then the same can be done from local by performing below steps...
a. To change the design template of local notes databases, user need to have minimum designer access to the database for which design got corrupted. If it is not there then create a new copy of corrupt database without ACL.
b. Right click on the corrupt database and select replace design option. Once selected, the below window will appear.
c. Now select the proper template server & the design template. once selected, click on Replace button. It will rep…

Facebook is finally implementing "Dislike" button

It’s taken six years for the facebook to realise that! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that the long clamored for “Dislike” button will be implemented.

The CEO said the company has been working on the feature—which would allow users to express emotions other than "like"—for some time because "we don't want to turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people's posts."

“Not every moment is a good moment, and if you are sharing something that is sad, whether it’s something in current events, like the refugees crisis that touches you or if a family member passed away, then it may not feel comfortable to like that post,” Zuckerberg said, according to The Times.
Facebook debuted the “Like” back in 2009. There is no timeline on when the new feature will arrive.

Search for blog posts with labels with AND and OR filters

Searching For Blog Label or using it in the Links is very useful for the websites based on blogger. Here is a useful tip for you:

If you want to search for several labels and retrieve articles that contain all those labels or any label, It is possible in blogger.

If you want to find posts with LABEL1 AND LABEL2

to find posts with any of those labels LABEL1 OR LABEL2:

Google to Unveil New Marshmallow Nexus Phones by September 29

According to CNET,Google is preparing to unveil two new Nexus devices at a press event in San Francisco on Sept. 29. Google's next-gen operating system, Marshmallow, will likely arrive with the launch of these new Nexus devices.
Corroborating a number of earlier rumors, CNET said Google will unveil two Nexus phones: one from LG and another from Huawei, both of which will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Google declined to confirm or deny the report, giving its usual statement that it "can't comment on rumor or speculation."