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Lotus Notes Common Errors - Part 2

Lotus Notes Error:  You are not able to route through this server


Cause :

 The above error occurs when Notes client attempts to access the database on a server it does not have direct access to. So what the Notes client does is 'Pass through' a server it does have access to to reach the server containing the database.

                The server configuration document for the server the Notes client is attempting to pass through contains settings for controlling who can pass thru it. You can check these settings by opening the 'Security' tab of the server document and looking at the 'Passthru Use' section.



Solution : Pass Through connections should be used when there is no direct connectivity from notes client to destination server. However you should be allowed to use a server as a pass through when it is configured by administrator.

Best way to connect the server is by creating a direct connection..If any issue is there related to network & firewall, get the same resolved.

But if you have created a pass-through connection by mistake then you can change the connection type by following below steps....

                1. Open the connection document and do the necessary modifications by editing the same. Follow the below steps.....

                                a. Open local addressbook, expand Advance & select Connection. you can view all connection document.


                                b. Open the connection document of the perticular server, which you are trying to connect.

                                c. Under Basic tab check the Modify the connection type from "Passthru server" to "Local Area Network" and then click on "Save & Close " to save the modified settings.

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