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Have you tried these on your Redmi?

Fun features to check out Xiaomi's Redmi phones have a lot to offer. In fact, these phones can do a lot of cool stuff that many people don't even know about!

Here are some things you can try!
Using the built-in IR blaster, the MI remote app can convert the Redmi into a universal remote control for electronic devices like the television, air conditioner, AV receiver etc. No more tediously pressing the power button every time you want to check the time on your phone. Just double tap on your screen to wake it up.

Don't strain your eyes reading in the dark. The Redmi allows you to enable 'Read Mode' in which you can also personalize the read mode screen's filter strength. You can also schedule the mode for certain times and for specific apps alone. Enable pocket mode before tucking your phone into your jeans. This locks touch gestures on the phone, making sure you don't risk pocket dialing your boss at 2am. While taking a screen shot, tap on the scroll option at the…

Latest smartphones 2017 July


Here are some newly launched smartphones in 2017 July which excel in camera performance, battery life and internal storage. These phones are prodigies which aid multitasking and power us through our digital lives. Here are the techeia  top picks.

The Honor 8 Pro is Huawei's latest flagship phone with top-in-class features for a power packed performance. It comes with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory expandable to 256 GB, and an octa-core high speed chipset for blazing fast performance. The 12 MP dual lens camera enables you to have professional-looking photos in every shot. This also supports ultra-HD 4K video recording for crisp videos. A VR cardboard is included with the phone that lets you jump right into the VR world. The 5.7-inch screen with 2k display is perfect for watching your favourite programs on the go. The 4000 mAH battery is reliable and the Smartpower 5.0 technology ensures that it lasts long with heavy usage.
The new Galaxy C7 Pro is a lean mean …