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Phonetic Words: Words for alphabets to use in Telephonic conversations

Phonetic words are used to clarify the alphabets in normal communication and especially in telephonic conversation. The chart is given below:

Letter NATO Code wordLPAD Radio AlphabetAAlphaAdamBBravoBoyCCharlieCharlesDDeltaDavidEEchoEdwardFFoxtrotFrankGGolfGeorgeHHotelHenryIIndiaIdaJJuliettJohnKKilo

Serial port settings for Cisco SF300 and 500 series switches.

This article will help is you are trying to access the cisco switch using console cable/serial port using putty or any other application.
The settings are applicable for the following models: SF302-08PP SG300-28SF500-24SG500X-24SF302-08MPPSF300-48SF500-24PSG500X-24PSG300-10PPSG300-20SF500-24MPSG500X-24MPPSG300-10MPPSF302-08PSF500-48SG500X-48SF300-24PPSG300-52SF500-48PSG500X-48PSF300-48PPSF300-24SF500-48MPSG500X-48MPSG300-28PPSF302-08SG500-28SG500XG-8F8TSF300-08SF300-24MPSG500-28PSF300-48PSG300-10SFPSG500-28MPPSG300-10MPSG300-28MPSG500-52SG300-10PSG300-52PSG500-52PSG300-10SG300-52MPSG500-52MPSG300-28PSF300-24PSF302-08MP
The settings should be like the following: • Rate in bits per second = 115,200 • Data bits = 8 • Parity = None • Stop bits = 1 • Flow control = None

Ubuntu issue solved: shutdown when headphones jack is connected

Some users installed Ubuntu on laptop may find this issue:. Every time you plug in a headset or earphones the laptop automatically shuts down. If you have a windows OS installed, you may find Windows is working fine with the same headset.

Here is the fix for the issue:

Disable the power saving mode for Intel HD sounds
$ sudo gedit /etc/default/tlp

Replace the following in the file tlp:
Restart tlp service$ sudo service tlp restart

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Download latest firmware for H3C,3com, Procurve and Aruba switches from HP

Use the Networking support search tool in below link to find your product:
Or use the following link to select the device from the list:

the listed products are:
JL321AAruba 2930M 48G with 1-slot SwitchJL320AAruba 2930M 24G PoE+ with 1-slot SwitchJL319AAruba 2930M 24G 1-slot SwitchJL322AAruba 2930M 48G PoE+ 1-slot SwitchJL382AHPE 1920S 48G 4SFP SwitchJL386AHPE 1920S 48G 4SFP PPoE+ 370W SwchJL384AHPE 1920S 24G 2SFP PPoE+ 185W SwchJH712AAEAruba IMC APM SW Mod 25-monitor E-LTUJH704AAEAruba IMC Std SW Plat w/50-node E-LTUJH706AAEAruba IMC NTA SW Mod w/5-node E-LTUJL383AHPE 1920S 8G PPoE+ 65W SwitchJL381AHPE 1920S 24G 2SFP SwitchJL380AHPE 1920S 8G SwitchJH708AAEAruba IMC BIMS SW Module w/50-node E-LTUJH705AAEAruba IMC Ent SW Plat w/50-node E-LTUJH710AAEAruba IMC SHM Software Module E-LTUJW789AAruba AW-HW630-ENT AirWave Entrprse SrvrJW788AAruba AW-HW630-PRO AirWave Pro ServerJX958AArub…