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How to remove WannaCry Ransomware: Make sure you do this if you are using Windows

WannaCry 2.0 or WannaDecryptor 2.0 ransomware is one of the serious security threats now. It has spread in over 150 countries and affected more than 200,000 Windows based computers. This situation could’ve been avoided if the users had downloaded Windows security patch released in March. Well, you can still download the update and follow some basic safety measures to keep yourself away from this attack and similar ones.

This ransomware is mainly affecting organizational networks and spreading through their network to control whole organization. If you are still not affected, that doesn’t mean that you are safe.
So, if you’re using a computer which runs Windows operating system wit any version including the latest windows 10, you must take a few steps to protect yourself.

1. Install security update immediately.

 If you’re running older Windows (Server 2003, Windows 8, XP), you need to visit this link to download the security updates.:

2. Stay vigilant when opening documents from untrusted sources.

 Don’t click on the links that you don’t recognize or download files from unknown sources.

3. Use  antivirus software for Windows.

Even if you are using Linux systems in your network, install antivirus in those machines so that they don't spread the malware even if they wont be affected with this. you can use this post to select a free antivirus:

4. Backup of your system files regularly.

 If your PC gets infected and your important files are encrypted, you can get them later.


Microsift also  provided a workaround if you can't install the update immediately.

the steps are:
1. Go to Turn Windows Features On or Off.
2. Clear the checkbox for SMB 1.0 /CLFS File Sharing Support.
3. Reboot the system after this.

Refer to the following blog post for the explanation:

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