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Network tools: WiFI Commander : Monitor and 3D analyse your Wi-Fi network

Wifi Commander is a very useful tool for a network engineer at a small organization or a large organization with a lot of wifi access points. Usually these wifi access points may be of different models or makes, so it is a huge task to the network team to manage and moitor all these devices.
Wifi commander has the ability to connect to all different types of models of Wifi access points and routers, and so can manage all of these with a single application.

✔ Scan the space around you for any Wi-Fi networks
✔ Original 3D analyzer of channel distributions (touch-friendly)
✔ Original real time signal level monitoring (touch-friendly)
✔ Filter, sort and group available networks
✔ Switch between different networks instantly
✔ Detailed information about specific Wi-Fi access point:  
             🔸 Vendor name   
             🔸 Security and authentication   
             🔸 MAC address (BSSID)  etc.
✔ See all Wi-Fi Direct™ capable devices
✔ Find less used channel for your own router
✔ Multiple Wi-Fi adapters support
✔ Dark and light themes for your preference
✔ Small app package - just about 4-5 MB
✔ No Ads
✔ 30 days FREE trial
🔶 Discover all Wi-Fi networks around!

Please comment your experience with this application below if you use this in your network.

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