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MI Router 3C Review

We recently bought some MI Router 3C devices for our organization, to connect in our guest rooms to provide Wi-Fi access for our guests. We have been using different router models for this purpose like Belkin N 150 , D-Link DIR 600L, etc. We Found the performance is very good when compared to the other devices we were using till now, both in terms of coverage and speed.
Pros: 4 Antennas gives a very good coverage. We can access from a room 2 rooms _( 4 walls away from the router) The router hardware configuration is superior to other models Many routers can be managed from your smartphone by installing Mi router 3C app. This makes admins life easier Affordable Cons: Can be used only indoor. No PoE feature. Need to provide separate power supply No Patch cable is provided with the router. You need to buy one separately. Some settings were missing while comparing the other models, but we were not using those settings in our organization. I will update about this later if any useful fea…