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How to lock and unlock your pc with USB drive

How to lock and unlock your pc with USB drive Anyone who attempts to access your computer without the USB flash drive will be hit with an epic “Access Denied” message. To get started, follow this guide: Step 1: Download and install Predator here Step 2: Once Predator launches, plug in your USB flash drive. None of the contents of the drive will be deleted or altered in any way, so feel free to use your primary thumbdrive. When you insert the drive, a dialog box will appear asking you to create a password. Click OK to continue. Step 3: In the Preferences window, take note of a few key settings. First, enter a secure, unique password in the “New password” field. If you lose your USB drive, you’ll use it to unlock your computer. If you’d like, you can check the Always Required box and you’ll be asked to enter the password each time you use your thumbdrive to unlock your PC. Finally, in the section under Flash Drives, ensure that the correct USB flash drive is selected. When you’re done,…

How to make USB bootable using #RUFUS

​​How to make USB bootable using #RUFUS
We are going to explain this process in 2 very simple steps. if you feel any difficulty in following this please feel free to comment below.
1⃣ Plug in your USB into your PC and start Rufus and Choose the USB device that corresponds to yours Note: Sometimes  the USB device is not showing up in
Rufus, click on the white triangle next to Format Options and check List USB Hard Drives

2⃣ Check Create a bootable disk using, choose ISO Image from the dropdown box and click the CD-rom icon to choose the ISO you want to burn. Once the ISO is scanned by Rufus, it will fill in other options automatically.
Press Start to let Rufus burn the ISO to your USB and make it bootable.
Once Rufus is finished you can reboot your PC and choose your USB DEVICE from your bios to boot off of your newly burned ISO.


ROOTING RELATED TERMS ⚠️ Recovery: Every Android device comes with a recovery through which the OS can install over-the-air updates. It i s also used by the system whenever you factory reset a device. If you want to flash a custom ROM, you will have to replace the stock recovery with a custom one.
⚠️ Superuser/SuperSU: This application is automatically installed on the device during the process of rooting. It is used to grant or deny root access to other apps.
⚠️ TWRP/CWM: Both are custom recoveries that allow users to install custom ROMs, format certain partitions or make nandroid backups.How to Flash the TWRP Recovery Environment to Your Android Phone (Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP)
⚠️ Custom ROM: A customized and advanced version of Android containing many features and optimizations, usually based on the latest version of Android.
⚠️ Bootloader: Is a the code that runs even before the operating system on your device boots. It helps in booting other operating systems by sy…

How to recover deleted image or video from android (internal storage) without root ?

The following steps explain jow to recover deleted
image or video from an
android  devices internal
storage even without having a root access. STEP 1: DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL JIHOSOFT
You could download the Windows version at:
Android Recovery , download Mac version at:
Android Recovery for Mac . After download, you will
be lead to install the app at your computer. STEP 2: SELECT DATA GENRE THAT YOU NEED TO
After installation, run the app at your PC. You will
see the interface show you four options:
“Mul”, “Database”, “WhatsApp”, “All”. Tap
One of it according to your own demand. STEP 3: IDENTIFY ANDROID PHONE OR TABLET BY
First, connect your android device to computer via
USB cable. Then, turn on USB debugging at android
If the app failed to identify your equipment, install
related USB driver at your computer. STEP 4: SCAN ANDROID DEVICE AND EXPECT THE
After ident…