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How to make USB bootable using #RUFUS

​​How to make USB bootable using #RUFUS

We are going to explain this process in 2 very simple steps. if you feel any difficulty in following this please feel free to comment below.

1⃣ Plug in your USB into your PC and start Rufus and Choose the USB device that corresponds to yours
Note: Sometimes  the USB device is not showing up in
Rufus, click on the white triangle next to Format Options and check List USB Hard Drives

2⃣ Check Create a bootable disk using, choose ISO Image from the dropdown box and click the CD-rom icon to choose the ISO you want to burn. Once the ISO is scanned by Rufus, it will fill in other options automatically.
Press Start to let Rufus burn the ISO to your USB and make it bootable.
Once Rufus is finished you can reboot your PC and choose your USB DEVICE from your bios to boot off of your newly burned ISO.

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