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Phonetic Words: Words for alphabets to use in Telephonic conversations

Phonetic words are used to clarify the alphabets in normal communication and especially in telephonic conversation. The chart is given below:

NATO Code word LPAD Radio Alphabet
A Alpha Adam
B Bravo Boy
C Charlie Charles
D Delta David
E Echo Edward
F Foxtrot Frank
G Golf George
H Hotel Henry
I India Ida
J Juliett John
K Kilo King
L Lima Lincoln
M Mike Mary
N November Nora
O Oscar Ocean
P Papa Paul
Q Quebec Queen
R Romeo Robert
S Sierra Sam
T Tango Tom
U Uniform Union
V Victor Victor
W Whiskey William
X X-ray X-ray
Y Yankee Young[2]
Z Zulu Zebra

You may download this in PDF format here to paste in your office.

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