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Serial port settings for Cisco SF300 and 500 series switches.

This article will help is you are trying to access the cisco switch using console cable/serial port using putty or any other application.

The settings are applicable for the following models:
SF302-08PP  SG300-28 SF500-24 SG500X-24
SF302-08MPP SF300-48 SF500-24P SG500X-24P
SG300-10PP SG300-20 SF500-24MP SG500X-24MPP
SG300-10MPP SF302-08P SF500-48 SG500X-48
SF300-24PP SG300-52 SF500-48P SG500X-48P
SF300-48PP SF300-24 SF500-48MP SG500X-48MP
SG300-28PP SF302-08 SG500-28 SG500XG-8F8T
SF300-08 SF300-24MP SG500-28P  
SF300-48P SG300-10SFP SG500-28MPP  
SG300-10MP SG300-28MP SG500-52  
SG300-10P SG300-52P SG500-52P  
SG300-10 SG300-52MP SG500-52MP  

The settings should be like the following:
• Rate in bits per second = 115,200
• Data bits = 8
• Parity = None
• Stop bits = 1
• Flow control = None

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