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Linux Certification course study notes: Unit 1: Introduction to Linux

History of Linux:
In 1962 Bell wanted to define a new OS. There were 2 Scientists Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson.
They made use of B language for the project of multix. It had a disadvantage of not having portability. So they made use of C language for UNIXos in 1970. Because it is open source, it got different flavours of Linux.

It is the part of Linux interfaces with hardware, mainly works with device drivers.
Example for Kernel: vmlinuz

Shell is the user interface to make requests of make commands. It makes suet the command syntax is correct.
Example for shell: Bash shell, C-shell (csh), Basic Shell (sh)
Bash shell and C shell are multi user shells.

Bash shell: it has an automatic command completion feature. Also it has a history feature.

Linux Graphical Environment
1) GNOME - Designed in C language
2) KDE - Designed in C++ language, is more user friendly.

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