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Best Custom Rom for Mi pad 1 : 2018 October

Since i am using Mi Pad for last few years, It didnt receive any stock MIUI update after android 4.4.4 and also it started to lag, became very slow recently, I decided to try a better custom ROm on that.
I have tried different custom rom after researching on xda developers and threads, i got quite a few options to try.
Here are the main custom ROMs i tried on my Mi Pad:

Naturally, i first tried the LineageOS 15.1 first, and it worked well as said in the thread. But sadly one of the processor was working with this ROM.
Since Mi Pad has a good hardware, it has Quad core processor, i didnt want to compromise witha single processor and i started trying other options. 
Each OS had similar issues, mostly related to the processor, or camera.
Resurrection remix had a problem after going to sleep we need to manually reboot the tab display to come on.

At last, i found the Lineage OS 14.1 is the best ROM. It worked well for me, faster than the stock MIUI ROM, also the system was stable.

I am sharing the ROM files i used  here:

Please feel free to use these images, and enjoy flashing your Mi Pad.
Please remember Please do not try to flash if you dont know what you are doing. This may hard brick your device, and i we are not responsible for that.

However please feel free to comment if you have any questions, i will be happy to answer

I have posted a video screen recorded from the new rom to show the performance here:


  1. thank you for your comment dude :)

  2. Bro, please help me with step by step guide. I already installed TWRP recovery in MI Pad. Guide me for further steps

  3. Thank You. I have installed and it is working. Great...

  4. Which is the best daily driver ROM in your opinion(stable)(5.0+)

    I currently use RR 5.7.4(6.0.1)

  5. hi
    need your help
    i'm on that rom (, i have problem with zoom apps with this rom, it always crash when i try to run the apps, have you had the same problem ? what shld i do ?

  6. Can you guide me go back to the stock ROM?


  7. Hi, can you guide step by step to install Lineage OS 14.1 (Android 7) in Xiaomi Mi pad 1.

  8. keep up the goodwork man

  9. Thanks for this post. Like you rightly mentioned, this is the only Custom ROM for Mi Pad Mocha that works fully well. All other ROMs have broken the camera

  10. Your selected ROM is the only that works the magic for MiPad1. Thanks Bro!


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