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How to temporarily stop Whatsapp , Viber Messaging in android

One of my friends told me that he want to stop Whatsapp and viber and other messaging apps temporarily on his android mobile phone.
 Every one would like to keep their private messages private. 
 One practical way to do this is delete the confidential messages before giving the phone to someone else. 
 Even though you delete all the messages, the new messages will be delivered directly into the device if the internet is connected to phone. And it is not always possible to disconnect the internet access, as the other person may wanted to browse internet.
 Here i am going to explain a simple way to do it.

 Droidwall APP-  Power of firewall to your mobile

Droidwall is the android app for the famous iptables firewall in Linux operating systems.
Using Droidwall firewall, like any other firewall, you can define rules which apps can access internet and through which connection very easily with a simple front end GUI.
You can find the Droidwall app here in googplaystore:

After Installing Droid wall app, You can Select which apps to allow and which to block internet access.
As seen in the screenshot above, i have selected Viber, WeChat, and Whatsapp to block internet access through Wi-Fi and 3G. 
We can see teh working mode of the Droid wall on top the app. There are two mode you can select: white list mode (allow selected) and black list mode (block selected). In this above picture, i selected the firewall in blacklist mode, andselected only Viber, WeChat, and Whatsapp in the list. This means the Viber, WeChat, and Whatsapp are not allowed to go to internet. 

Enable Firewall

The Last thing to do is to enable the firewall. To do this, press the menu button, and tap on "Firewall Disabled" button. This will apply the firewall rules, and the button will change to "firewall Enabled".

The Blocked applications will stop working till you allow the app in firewall or till you disable the firewall. 

Please feel free to comment below if you need any more information or help on this topic.


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