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A tip to reduce your phones data usage 50 percentage

    Most of the apps we use in our smartphones uses internet. many of these apps run in background and eat up the data. Here we are going to discuss about a service which can help you to save your data balance.

    If one watches 15 minute video in Youtube every day there will be a monthly usage of 1GB to 1.5 GB. In android, we have option to save data usage by disabling background apps and by disabling updates. But this  option disables of stops some usable functionality of your smartphone. We are discussing about a service which will not reduce the functionality like this.

     "Opera Max" is the app which will enable you to reduce the data usage. This will help you to reduce the data usage by apps like Youtube to 50%. Opera Max is from the developers of the famous Opera browser.

Opera Max uses only 5Mb space in your phone storage. If you press the toggle button on top left of this app to see different options. This will show separate data usage for Wi-Fi usage and Mobile data usage. You can also see how much data is saved. You can also block those app which uses more data while using the mobile data from the app menu.

You can see your daily data usage of Wi-Fi and Mobile data separately in timeline format. You can also control those apps working in background using opera max, thus increase the battery life too!

How does it work?

The Video, text, images which comes your smartphone are compressed with the help of a VPN (Virtual private network). However, this will not affect your privacy in any way because this does not compress of access the data in https based encrypted data. So, your Facebook privacy or internet banking is not compromised while using this app.

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