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How To Get Two WhatsApp accounts in one Phone

Many of my friends who uses dual sim smart phones asked me how to use WhatsApp for both the accounts same time in their smartphone. My reply was: " WhatsApp doesn't allow that".
Is there any solution for this requirement? Let us see.

You have 2 mobile numbers: one for friends and family and the other for your friends. In this case, using the samw number for whatsapp for both the groups will spoil your privacy. The solution for this "disa" app.

You can download the disa app from google play store using this link. The size of this app is less than 36Mb.

The installation is so simple just follow the direction on the app. Please see the screenshots below:

In this screen,you get options to add whatsapp, facebook and sms plugins.

Install the Whatsapp plugin from this and restart the app. Now go to the settings tab and enter your second number which needed to be joined to whatsapp. For example your number is 9911101110 you should enter as +919911101110. You can verify the number using sms or call, and then you can start using whatsapp from your new number.

Besides whatsapp, you can add plugins for facebook and messaging also. This helps to save battery by using single app for different uses.

Not the Disa app will restart after you add a service.

Please se my screenshot below showing the status of the services.

Now that you have configured 2 WhatsApp accounts in your phone, and if you want to hide your second whatsap account and disa app only when it is required (or it is safe to use), don't worry, there is a way to do that! I will explain that in another post.

Please enter your comments below if you find this useful!
Also if you have any questions I am happy to answer it  it here!


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