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Configure Port Forwarding in ADSL router

Consider this scenario:
The remote office has a normal broadband connection with only one static ip address. You connected your VPN/router to the ADSL modem to make the network part of your VPN. Sometimes you may want to log into the router wnen the VPN is down. But the Public static ip only allows you to access the DSL modem.In this scenario you can use Port forwarding.

Port Forwarding allows you to direct incoming traffic from the WAN side (identified by Protocol and WAN port) to the internal server with a private IP address on the LAN side.

I am using D-link DSL-2730U to configure in this example.

 Select Usual Service Name ,and enter the LAN IP address and click "Apply Changes" to forward IP packets for this service to the specified server.

I configured port 220 at the WAN port since I already use the default port 22 to ssh to the ADSL router.
Please feel free to ask questions in the comment box if you need more details.


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