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Vodafone Voicemail user Guide

Voice Mail User Guide

How to programme Voicemail under different conditions:

1. When there is no answer

To activate enter **61*9820011110# Send
To deactivate, enter ##61#Send
Under the no answer condition the call gets forwarded to the voice mail box after 30 seconds by the
above generic code, the same can be forwarded after 5 / 10 / 15 / 20
/ 25 seconds. The code to be entered is**61*9820011110*10*(no. of seconds) # Send
10 seconds = 4 rings
15 seconds = 6 rings
20 seconds = 7 rings
25 seconds = 9 rings
30 seconds = 11 rings

2. When you’re unreachable

To activate enter **62*9820011110# Send
To deactivate, enter ##62# Send

3. When you’re busy

To activate, enter **67*9820011110# Send
To deactivate, enter ##67# Send
To deactivate all forwardings enter ##002# Send
How to retrieve messages
From a Land Line
- Dial 9820011111
- Then enter your mailbox no. (Your Vodafone cellular number) Followed by *
- Then enter your default password (1111)
From your Vodafone Phone
- Dial 51234
- After getting connected, enter your password while your voice messages are being played you can
use the following keys.
- Replay your message Enter 2
- Delete your message Enter 3
- Save your message and move to the next Enter 6
- Play the previous message Enter 7
- Hear the date and time the message was sent Enter 8
- Make sure you regularly delete old messages and make space for new ones.

To have the Voicemail greeting in your own voice

Vodafone allows you to personalize your voicemail greeting, for instance, “Hi you have reached
Amit’s Voice mail, leave a message and I will call you back Adios.”
To do this,
From a Landline
Dial 9820011111 followed by your mailbox number (Your Vodafone cellular number) and *
From your Vodafone Phone
Dial 51234 and then enter your password, after getting connected follow these steps
- Enter * to go main menu
- Enter 7 to change your greeting
- Enter 2 to record your greeting
- Enter 0 and after you hear a beep, start recording
- Enter # to end the recording
- Enter 8 to deposit your greeting
- Enter 2 to listen to your new greeting
To change your password (This is only possible from your Vodafone Phone)
Your default password is 1111
You are requested to change to a number of your own choice
Procedure to change the password
- Enter* to go to the main menu
- Enter 6 to change your password
- Enter your personal 4 digit password
- Enter the same number again
- Your password has now changed to the number of your choice

(Setting your password to 0000 will disable the password)

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