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How to take great photos in mobile or digital camera : Some tips

From starry eyed young photographers to highly involved hobbyists, a question everyone has is "How do I take better photos?" But being a better photographer doesn't necessarily mean you own a ton of professional equipment and camera gear – all it takes is a little know-how and experience. So here are 5 photography tips to help you beautifully capture what you see.

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Look your subject in the eye
Credit:Dharman Chandru
Isn't direct eye contact engaging in real life? Well, it is as engaging in a picture too. Whenever you are clicking a picture of someone, make sure you hold the camera at the person's eye level. Traditional portrait photography involves good eye contact between the subject and the camera. The best way to do this is to make sure that the subject's eyes remain in the upper third of your shot. This creates natural balance and spacing.

Watch the light
Credit: Ravi Dhingra
After your subject, the most important part of any photograph is the lighting. It affects the appearance of everything in the photograph. The best and easiest to work with is usually natural, diffused lighting. If you need to shoot in direct sunlight, use flash to fill in the shadows and to light your subject's face for portrait photography. For landscapes, try to click your photographs early or later during the day. Always try to see where the light is coming from and use it to capture your best shots.

Pay attention to the background
Credit: Jayanth Sharma
Photographing against a plain background helps you show your subject off really well. When you look through your camera's viewfinder, study the area surrounding your subject. Isolate your subject from the background by adjusting the depth of field, moving the camera or moving the subject – unless the subject is the background. Taking control of the background can help turn a snapshot into a beautiful photograph.

Move away from the middle
Credit: Jayanth Sharma
When you're watching a performance, centre-stage is probably the best place to be, but while clicking photographs, the middle of your picture may not be the best for your subject. Bring your picture to life by moving your subject away from the middle.

Use a tripod
Credit: Santosh Saligram
Tripods hold your camera and keeps it steady, while helping you get a sharp image. You won't have to worry about any movements that will cause your camera to shake. A tripod can be used to optimize your depth of field for greater sharpness because you can use a slower shutter speed or lower ISO. Tripods also help you experiment with different kinds of shots. A basic tripod need not be very heavy on the pocket either!

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