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Jio WiFi calling settings on LineageOS 16

Reliance Jio has introduced wifi calling now. Here is how you can enable and test the wifi calling on your phone:
I am using LineageOS 16 Custom ROM on the Xiaomi device.

Step 1: go to settings

Step 2: select Network & Internet

Step 4: Select Mobile Network

Step 5: Select Wi-Fi calling under "Calling" Section
Step 6: Trun on Wi-Fi calling for Sim Card

How to test the Wi-Fi calling working on your phone:

Step 1: Enable Flight mode
Step 2: Switch on wi-Fi and connect to the wifi network.
Step 3: Try calling as normal.

If Wi-Fi calling is working, you should be able to call without an available mobile network.

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  1. My redmi 3s not showing this vowifi option on lineageos 16(android pie) dont know why..


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