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We welcome guest posts that align with our objective. We could always do with providing extra insights to our readers and to that effect, we look forward to sharing your stories with them, in the process learning a thing or two ourselves!
Here is a set of guidelines for submitting your guest posts to us:
Originality: We accept only original stories. Please do not send us rehashed content as: (i) we are strictly against copyright violation and (ii) it really doesn’t help anybody grow!
Exclusivity: Our readers have a certain privilege and that is the chance to read fresh content baked only for them. Hence, we prefer that you write an exclusive post only for them. You are free to post your article at other sites later (24 hours) while providing a link to the original article published here.
Subject: You may select any area we delve in – news stories, case studies, insights, how-to’s, reviews, etc. Do have a look at our content before you decide to write for us. Always make sure you are sharing insightful content and not pitching your stuff. The sites for pitching your wares are just a click away; we do not publish product/service pitches.
Data Endorsed: Whenever you send in articles with insights or your campaign case studies, do make sure to back it up with relevant data and links, because at the end of every insightful learning, readers expect numbers and more useful links to dig in for themselves. However, do add only necessary  links to your blog if it helps the story.
Editing: You do not have to worry about this, we will take care – the grammar, the punctuation, etc. This however does not mean that we will repair or restructure your article, just the basics. But we might modify the post title to suit our readers.
We do not follow any specific format or rules, though we request you follow these:
  • The length of the article should be nearing 500 words or more, unless you are Seth Godin of course! Please don’t be repetitive to conform to this.
  • Send the article in a word document with the text links. We are allergic to pdf formats!
  • Use only licensed images or if it is under Creative Commons, do send us the image link and author. Remember, we are strictly against copyright violation.
  • Do send a short author bio (max 50 words) in which you can put in a link too.
  • Don’t forget to reply to the reader comments on your post.
If you believe you want to contribute, feel free to write in to us at once.

Our contact email is


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