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WhatsApp Hacking- Contacts Population: Part 12 of 12

In the previous 11 steps, we saw how easy it is to populate a series of contacts in gmail. now, if you sysnc this gmail with your device installed whatsApp, WhatsApp automatically searches for theese contacts in its database, and lists you with the contacts profile pictues and their contact number. You see how unsecured it is..?

How to Protect yourself?

Here is the Precautions you can take against Contacts Population for yourself and your loved ones:

1: check privacy settings in your whatsapp:

Under Settings -> Account -> Privacy:  set "Profile Photo" option as "My contacts" 
This will prevent contacts population hackers getting your photos.

2: Do not respond to the messages from unknown numbers

3: Use the contacts Block option if you suspect sombody populated your contact and messaged you.

Thank you for reading this series of posts. I will be back with other interesting articles soon. :)

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