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New Messaging app from Google - "ALLO"

Today google released their new messaging app "Allo", for ios and android.

Allo features several smart functions, most of which come courtesy of Google Assistant, a new virtual helper based on Google Now that offers similar functionality to Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

Google announced the release in their officiall blog here:

What Allo can do for you:

  • Make plans with friends. You can easily move from discussing dinner with friends to making plans for the night, right in your chat. Just add the Assistant to your group chat and ask for movie times, local restaurants and more. You can also research travel destinations, flights and hotels together with friends.
  • Get answers. Get the latest info on everything from news, weather, traffic, sports, or your upcoming flights status. Ask the Assistant to send you daily updates on the information you care about.
  • Have some fun. Ask your Assistant to share that funny YouTube video or play games with friends right in your group chat — for instance you can compete to guess a movie title based on a series of emojis.

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