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Master HTML Canvas with this Easy Cheat Sheet

Master HTML Canvas with this Easy Cheat Sheet

Have you ever wished to create original illustrations via codes?

Thanks to advancements in technology, web developers and coding enthusiasts can now unleash their inner artist through the use defined elements in HTML5. The HTML5 canvas element is a powerful tool that allows users to create both basic 2D images and even complex animations through scripting.

A guide released by, a company designed to provide insight into the web development industry, was created to help developers to learn this specific coding tool. As intimidating as it looks, the cheat sheet is an easy read for all types of web designers, regardless of their coding experience. Another great thing about this guide is that it is available for download in .PNG and PDF.

By using this cheat sheet, coders can produce original images, styled texts, and even animate to an extent while only using their browsers and prior understanding of HTML and JavaScript. This guide can aid an expert coder in creating a beautiful web design and it can teach a beginner how to code a graph.

But why HTML Canvas?

The strength of HTML Canvas lies within its convenience. Since HTML5 is open technology, the canvas application can run virtually everywhere, from the most powerful processing computers to most mobile devices. A browser and a good editor are the only requirements needed to use canvas.

There are multiple applications for the program. With the rise of 2D and 3D gaming, HTML Canvas can be used to code out a game. Advertising using Canvas is also an option as it is a lot similar to Flash, but it is more portable. It can be used for collecting data from global sources and then to produce visuals. The program can be used to create striking learning aids and artists can use HTML Canvas to create masterful pieces for display.

As there are various benefits to learning HTML Canvas, the cheat sheet is an effective learning instrument easy to understand and helpful to all. If you’re a new or seasoned designer who would like to brush up on your canvas skills and learn how to use the element, take a look at the cheat sheet at


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