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Squid interview question #1: What is Proxy Server? What is the use of Proxy Server in Computer Networks?

A proxy server is a server that sits between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a real server. It intercepts all requests to the real server to see if it can fulfill the requests itself. If not, it forwards the request to the real server.

A client seeks for file, page or data from the the proxy server and proxy server manages to get the requested demand of client fulfilled by handling all the complexities in between.

Proxy servers are the backbone of WWW (World Wide Web). Most of the proxies of today are web proxies. A proxy server handles the complexity in between the Communication of client and Server. Moreover it provides anonymity on the web which simply means your identity and digital footprints are safe. Proxies can be configured to allow which sites client can see and which sites are blocked.

Other squid interview questions:
  1. What is Squid?
  2. What is Proxy Server? What is the use of Proxy Server in Computer Networks?
  3. What is the default port of squid and how to change its operating port?
  4. How to block certain domains through squid proxy server in an office ?
  5. What is Media Range Limitation  feature in squid?
  6. What is partial download feature in Squid?
  7. What is reverse proxy feature in squid?
  8. What is the cache store location in squid?
  9. What is the squid cache file format?
  10. How to clear cache in squid?
  11. How to restrict web access time in squid?

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