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How to find windows 10 edition from the OS installation disk iso image

I faced this issue when one friend gave his laptop to update windows and to fix some issues, I noticed that windows 10 pro version is not activated in it. I asked him and he said the OS had activated license till he gave the laptop to someone else for some repair.

I checked the actual windows license by clicking the "troubleshoot activation" button in the computer properties window. It gave the  details the laptop had activated "Windows 10 home single language" edition license, but the laptop is now installed windows 10 pro.

I had different windows 10 installer images created using windows 10 media creation tool. 
But I didn't know which one is Win10 pro and which is Win 10 home.

I found this command to find the version from the Image.

step 1: mount the iso image in windows 10 as a drive
step 2: copy the path to "install.esd" file
step 3: run command as administrator: 
dism /Get-WimInfo /Wimfile:<path>\install.esd /index:1

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