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Resolved: Hotspot connected, no internet issue in Moto G5 plus

I had come across this issue on moto G5 plus phone while I was trying t connect my friends android tv to the hotspot on the moto phone.
This was not working, I was continuously getting :connected,no internet" message after connecting to the hotspot.

I also tried with an mi phone with the same sim on it (airtel), and this was working fine now.
I understood the problem is with the moto phone and started by looking for the OS updates for the phone. there was an update, but it didn't help to resolve the issue.

Now I started reading all the Lenovo support forums and other pages and videos came on google search, but none of them helped to fix the issue. most of them suggested to change the APN setting on the phone, and changing performance booster settings, etc. none of these are a solution for the no internet issue.

Now I connected the hotspot to a windows laptop, and tried to browse. This also was not working.
I had checked the ip address and the dns settings, The ip was getting DHCP lease from the moto g, and theip was and the gateway was
I tried pinging the google server by ping this was not resolving the ip.
now I checked the DNS server ip got through DHCP, this was also

Now I edited the IP address on the laptop, giving static ip  as same as I got from DHCP:

Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

Alternate DNS:

Now I pinged and it was working. 

Make sure the setting in DNS is correct while typing.

Now again I tried this on the android TV, just changing the ip to next number,
Subnet mask and default gateway are same as before.
There was only one option to give the DNS server so I entered only

The TV was connected to internet successfully after I do these settings.

So the bottom line is: This is a bug in the MOTO G plus phone, probably in other moto phones too. But the work around is to configure the DNS manually.

Please feel free to comment below if you need any help to configure your devices for these settings.

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