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Windows server Interview Questions - Part 2

See Part 1 Here

1.    Describe how the DHCP lease is obtained. It’s a four-step process consisting of (a) IP request, (b) IP offer, © IP selection and (d) acknowledgement.

2.    I can’t seem to access the Internet, don’t have any access to the corporate network and on ipconfig my address is 169.254.*.*. What happened? The 169.254.*.* netmask is assigned to Windows machines running 98/2000/XP if the DHCP server is not available. The name for the technology is APIPA (Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing).

3.    We’ve installed a new Windows-based DHCP server, however, the users do not seem to be getting DHCP leases off of it. The server must be authorized first with the Active Directory.

4.    How can you force the client to give up the dhcp lease if you have access to the client PC? ipconfig /release

5.    What authentication options do Windows 2000 Servers have for remote clients? PAP, SPAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP and EAP.

6.    What are the networking protocol options for the Windows clients if for some reason you do not want to use TCP/IP? NWLink (Novell), NetBEUI, AppleTalk (Apple).

7.    What is data link layer in the OSI reference model responsible for? Data link layer is located above the physical layer, but below the network layer. Taking raw data bits and packaging them into frames. The network layer will be responsible for addressing the frames, while the physical layer is reponsible for retrieving and sending raw data bits.

8.    What is binding order? The order by which the network protocols are used for client-server communications. The most frequently used protocols should be at the top.

9.    How do cryptography-based keys ensure the validity of data transferred across the network?  Each IP packet is assigned a checksum, so if the checksums do not match on both receiving and transmitting ends, the data was modified or corrupted.

10.                        Should we deploy IPSEC-based security or certificate-based security? They are really two different technologies. IPSec secures the TCP/IP communication and protects the integrity of the packets. Certificate-based security ensures the validity of authenticated clients and servers.

11.                        What is LMHOSTS file? It’s a file stored on a host machine that is used to resolve NetBIOS to specific IP addresses.

12.                        What’s the difference between forward lookup and reverse lookup in DNS? Forward lookup is name-to-address, the reverse lookup is address-to-name.

13.                        How can you recover a file encrypted using EFS? Use the domain recovery agent.

Set IP address from CMD Prompt

How do you set the IP address by using the command prompt? 

Latest Answer: Set IP address from CMD prompt :type cmd in run type following command in sequence like IP address,Subnet mask, Default Getway, DNS,Wins, ect...exmpl :  netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" static ...

Troubleshooting a Slow Computer

A User calls in and complains that her computer and network is running very slow. How would go about troubleshooting it? 

Latest Answer: If I was there, My first step is open msconfig.exe then remove heavy and unused files from startup then I removed the unused services not Microsoft. Then removed Temp, Temperory Internet files, History and restart.If the problem continues then we need ...

Blackberry Synchronization

If a customers blackberry stopped syncing their calendar wirelessly, what would you do? 

Latest Answer: Take Complete Backberry backup using desktop Manager and wipe your handheld, then syncronize by doing enterprise activation, and restore backup.

Add a User to Network

Explain how will you add a user to network? 

Latest Answer: If It is a domain (Windows 2003), login in as administrator the follow the steps,1. Start-programa-administrative tools-Active Directory Users and computers (If you are logged in Server)2. Right click -mew user3. Follow fill the information and finish ...

Which layer provides Physical link, Flow control, Artribation process? 

Latest Answer: Its the Data Link Layer ...

Low Level Formatting

Define Low Level Formatting? 

Latest Answer: Low level formatting is a type of formatting where new track and sector are created after erasing old one. This type of formatting is very slow. Actually it is a outlining the track and sector of hard disk where actual data will be store and writing the ...

FireWire Port

What is Firewire Port? What are its uses? 

Latest Answer: Firewire port is a form of Serial Port that make use of FireWire Technology to transfer data rapidly from one electronic device to another.FireWire port has the ability to interact with a number of different devices. For example FireWire can provide ...

Larger Desktop Icons

How to make desktop icons appear larger? 

Latest Answer: Right click on desktop. Go to properties and then click on appearance tab. Then further click on effects tab. A window will open. Select the use large option. Then click on apply OK. Thats it. ...

Desktop Icons

How to make the desktop icons smaller or lager?  

 Answer: This is very simple on you main desktop just right click the mouse button in a blank space, then scroll down and click properties. You are at the display settings menu on the top bar you will see a tab that reads appearance, click on this tab. Once you ...

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