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What is partial download feature in Squid?

The partial download feature of squid is implemented well within windows update.

 This feature helps to download extremely large update packages in the background and pause halfway through the download, if the user turns off their computer or disconnects from the Internet.

 Using squid partial download feature, downloads are requested in the form of small packets and can be paused. Because of this feature a update downloading windows machine can be restarted without any fear of data loss. Squid makes the Media Range Limitation and Partial Download possible only after storing a copy of whole data in it. Moreover the partial download gets deleted and not cached when user points to another page until Squid is specially configured somehow.

The Metalink download format enables clients to do segmented downloads by issuing partial requests and spreading these over a number of mirrors.
Squid can relay partial requests to the origin web server. In order for a partial request to be satisfied at a fast speed from cache, Squid requires a full copy of the same object to already exist in its storage.

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