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What is reverse proxy feature in squid?

Reverse proxy feature of Squid  is used to accelerate the web surfing for end user. Say the Real server ‘S’ contains the resource and ‘P’ is the proxy Server. The client seek some data which is available at S. It will rely on S for the specified data for the first time and the copy of that specified data gets stored on P for configurable amount of time. For every request for that data from now P becomes the real source. This results in Less traffic, Lesser CPU usages, Lesser web resource utilization and hence lesser load to actual server S. But S has no statistics for the total traffic since P acted as actual server and no Client reached S. ‘X-Forwarded-For HTTP’ can be used to log the client IP although on S.
Technically it is feasible to use single squid server to act both as normal proxy server and reverse proxy server at the same point of time.

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