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Google launches new "Google Wifi" for your home

Google has launched in the UK the system the new  technology product called "google WiFi".

The new google wifi system uses  sprinkler system like technology. Google Wifi can greatly improve the Wi-Fi connectivity experience in your home. Google Wifi uses mesh networking, which spreads the connection among several routers, guaranteeing stronger signals in every room. Each device has a node that extends the range, helping to eliminate dead spots.

At a launch event Google’s Suveer Kothari contrasted Google Wifi with the current single-router setup that most homes have, calling it a “sprinkler system rather than a firehose”.

Mesh networking has also been described as providing a “blanket ofWi-Fi” in your home. To get started you’ll need to
buy two Google routers, which costs £229. To enjoy the full effect throughout your home you’ll need extra routers, priced £129 each.

Google has designed the router as a white cylinder as shown in the picture so as to blend in with household decor. Three of these routers can cover up to 4,500 square feet (418 square metres) area. So far mesh networking
has mostly been used by hospitals, the military and other large organisations, but tech companies think it has great potential to dramatically boost home Wi-Fi. Google is the biggest of
several companies to have launched this type of service recently. The company will compete with BT’s Whole Home Wifi (£300; see our review, Issue 496), and Netgear’s Orbi (£371; see Issue 498), among others.
INBRIEF These are all more
expensive than Wi-Fi extenders, so the companies behind them will need to persuade the public that they are more reliable and easier to set up.

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