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Windows 10 hacks #1: How to login Automatically

We are going to post a series of articles on few important hacks/tips/tricks on windows 10.

Log in automatically

If you’re the only person who uses your PC, you can disable the one interruption we all encounter daily: the login screen. Find and launch “netplwiz” through the search bar, then uncheck the box beside “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”.

Click Apply and netplwiz will ask you to specify which user should be automatically logged in, and for the appropriate password. While this will save you time when rebooting, it’s a risky step – especially if the automatically logged-in user has administrator access. We recommend setting up a separate, limited account for automatic logging in so that, before anyone who gains access to your machine can do too much damage, they still need to switch users and provide appropriate login credentials

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