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Windows 10 hacks #2: How to remove pre-installed apps

We are posting a series of articles on few important hacks/tips/tricks on windows 10.

Remove apps

Deleting apps you've installed is easy. Doing the same with the preinstalled defaults is trickier as they don't appear in Control Panel. Instead, type "Powershell" into the Cortana box, right-click the top result and pick "Run as administrator". PowerShell is text-based, but the formula for removing a program is the same:

Get-AppxPackage *app_name* | Remove-AppxPackage

Replace app-name as appropriate. So, to delete Zune Music, use:

Get-AppxPackage *zunemusic* | Remove-AppxPackage

For a list of all apps installed on your system, use Get-AppxPackage on its own, read offthe application title from the Name line ofeach entry, and use the last part of it between the asterisks in the commands above. Microsoft.ZuneVideo, for example, would be truncated to *zunevideo*.

Apps that you've installed from the Windows Store don't appear in Control Panel's "Add and Remove Programs" pane, but can be removed by right-clicking their icon on the Start menu and picking Uninstall.

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